April 09 2013

Safelite AutoGlass Technician Featured in New Book by Best-selling Author Mark Sanborn

Scott Gardner, Regional Quality & Training Manager

Fred 2.0

Safelite AutoGlass® technician Jerry Borne was featured in a new book by leadership expert Mark Sanborn, author of New York Times best seller The Fred Factor. Released in March 2013, Fred 2.0: New Ideas on How to Keep Delivering Extraordinary Results shares the story of New Orleans-based Borne who has been with Safelite AutoGlass® for 12 years.

“For nearly a decade, millions of people have been inspired by Fred Shea, my real-life mailman who delivered extraordinary service in simple but remarkable ways,” said Sanborn. “By going the extra mile and extending the hand of friendship, a humble man with a humble job has inspired individuals and companies like Safelite AutoGlass® to deliver extraordinary results.”

In Fred 2.0, Sanborn takes Fred’s values to the next level, revealing the foundational principles that enable individuals and companies to make an ongoing impact. The book not only checks in with the original Fred to acquire new insights but also equips readers with fresh strategies to reach high and achieve exceptional results.

Sanborn included this story from Safelite AutoGlass® in Fred 2.0: After a Borne completed a windshield replacement for a local elementary teacher, he stopped by her classroom to return the car keys. The teacher was in the middle of a valuable teaching moment. The children were being treated to cake, and one student’s piece had gone missing. Despite the teacher’s encouraging, no one admitted to stealing. The teacher asked Borne his opinion and he shared that it’s important to do the right thing, even when no one is watching. Feeling sympathetic to the child, Borne later returned to the school to deliver a whole new cake for everyone to enjoy. The customer wrote in a glowing review of Borne, earning him the company’s “Everyday Hero” award.

At Safelite AutoGlass®, we strive to create an experience so great that it’s memorable. Through our company values we stress to all of our employees to do the right thing, even when no one is watching, and it’s inspiring when we see that philosophy brought to life by our people like Jerry. I thank him and all our employees like him who make our company extraordinary!

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