April 05 2017

Safelite leader gains customer for life by showing compassion

Steve Miggo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Operations

Safelite leader

We all love to receive letters praising us for doing a task well above average. They boost our morale and make us feel appreciated. Let’s admit it – being acknowledged for exemplary service just feels good! At Safelite, we also take pride in recognizing employees who bring customers unexpected happiness – especially when it’s so exceptional that they’re compelled to tell us about it.

Recently a customer did just that when he put pen to paper in praise of Quality Manager Pete Z.’s over and above performance and attitude. The story began when the customer contracted with another glass company.

Before long, he had problems with the installation performed on his vehicle, so a few days later – on a whim, with no appointment – he pulled into Safelite’s local shop. Without question or hesitation, Pete directed him into the bay to take a look.
“I just saw him as someone who needed help, and I was there to help,” Pete said. “I care about people and I have learned that you can feel a person’s frustrations long before you can see them in their face.”

Discovering there were indeed several problems with the work that had been done previously, Pete repaired the rearview mirror, the inside molding of the front window, and reattached the plastic shroud below the front window with the correct brackets/clips.

When he saw the above and beyond effort Pete made to make things right, the customer was amazed – he didn’t even have the original work done by Safelite, and here we were fixing it anyway!

“One of the greatest things about working for Safelite, is that we are all encouraged to do the right thing,” Pete said. “The personal satisfaction gained is by making a difference and bringing unexpected happiness into people’s everyday lives. There has to be a warmth to what we do every day or it will just go cold.”

Congratulations to Pete for showing his caring heart and service mindset by doing the right thing for this customer. We’re sure this won’t be the last time someone commends Pete for putting the Safelite Spirit into action!

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