February 05 2016

Safelite President & CEO Featured in Customer Service Book

Melina Metzger, Public Relations Manager

Little Things, Big Returns

The leadership of Tom Feeney, president and CEO of Safelite AutoGlass, is highlighted in a new book, “Little Things Big Returns: How to Deliver Experiences that Matter Most to your Customers,” by Daryl Travis.

Brandtrust Founder and CEO Daryl Travis, advises many of the largest and best brands in the world on how to create lasting emotional brand connections. An engaging storyteller, he speaks frequently on the power of brands and why deeper human insights are critical for company and brand growth.

In his latest book, published in September 2015, he reveals how many companies miss the little things that draw customers in or turn them away. Most importantly, this book explains how companies can close the customer experience gap and realize big returns. His research confirms little things happen in the moments that matter most to customers. Kindnesses and considerations that surprise people and create feelings that are never forgotten. When those experiences are memorable, customers become loyal and even fall in love with a company.

Travis features Feeney in Chapter 10, entitled “An Extraordinary Leader. Extraordinary Results.” In it, he writes “I’ve met hundreds of impressive executives in the course of my working life but none more so than Tom Feeney. Spend 15 minutes with him and you come away wanting to take on the world. ‘Dynamic’ does do not do him justice, and it all seems to come from him as naturally as breathing. No bombast. No chest thumping. Just good old plain enthusiasm along with an obvious concern for his people and the customers and clients they serve.”

The book also details Safelite’s People Powered, Customer Driven culture as a strategy to create memorable customer experiences and profitable growth.

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