April 14 2015

Safelite Techs Stay After Hours to Help Customer in Need

Steve Miggo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Operations


Safelite AutoGlass’s Nashville market, like many others this winter, experienced higher than normal customer demand driven by weather. Our technicians have banded together to take care of our customers in this time of need, as techs from other markets throughout the region have responded to help on “catastrophe response” teams. In times like this, the true character of our people and our values shine through.

On the evening of Feb. 26, 2015, an independent long-haul truck driver scheduled an appointment to have his badly smashed windshield replaced the following afternoon at our Nashville location. He arrived the evening prior to his scheduled replacement and stopped in the office to ask if it was alright for him to park in our parking lot for the night. It was about 6:15 p.m. and the visiting technicians had just finished the last of the day’s in-shop jobs and were about to go back to their hotel. The driver explained that because his windshield was too badly damaged to drive any further, he would miss the opportunity to pick up a critical load in Atlanta, personally costing him more than $2,000.

Upon hearing this, the local team along with technicians from Miami and Birmingham, Ala., without hesitation, offered to stay late, replace his windshield and get him back on the road so he could make his deadline, saving him from losing much-needed income.

Cesar Gonzales and Rich Woolfson from the Miami along with Barry Jefferson, Auston Crumbley, and Zach Ritch of Birmingham immediately sprang into action and teamed up to take exceptional care of this customer. It was as if the idea of “not” staying to help this man out wasn’t even an option in their minds. They empathized with the customer’s situation and after a very long, hard day, were still determined to go the extra mile for someone in need. Putting this customer first and putting themselves in the customer’s position, they felt compelled to do whatever was needed without being asked.

It is at times like this when Safelite values and the true character of Safelite’s employees shine through and Cesar, Rich, Barry, Auston and Zach are shining examples of being Customer Driven.

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