July 28 2014

Safelite’s Culture of Service: Feeding People of Central Ohio (Responsibly)

Tom Feeney, Safelite® President and CEO


Over the last few weeks, we’ve been sharing Safelite’s efforts to extend our service beyond helping customers to how we help the communities where we live and work. Today’s I’d like to share our efforts to feed the people of Central Ohio.

Because of Safelite’s efforts to improve the health and well-being of its own associates, nutrition is top-of-mind for company volunteers. Not only is it important to feed the hungry, but also to provide them fresh, nutrient-rich food and to educate the community on healthy eating habits.

Safelite has been a long-term supporter of the Mid-Ohio Foodbank (approx. 19 years). Safelite’s volunteers continue to find creative ways to support the nonprofit, including:
• For the last three years, MOF has received a $25,000 Impact Grant from Safelite, resulting in: 1) a new fully stocked on-site food pantry ready for service in times of individual emergencies and 2) an increase of nearly 9 million pounds of fresh, nutrient-rich produce, donated by local farmers to Franklin County’s nearly 200,000 residents in need.
• In 2012, company volunteers planted a garden outside its headquarters off of I-270 with the goal of donating all the crops from the garden to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank. In 2013, 1 ton of fresh produce was donated.
• Finally, company volunteers have hosted a number of fundraisers, including a water balloon toss, hot dog sale, and a Thanksgiving turkey and canned goods food drive for many years.

Safelite also supports the Children’s Hunger Alliance. For the last two years, Safelite’s Impact Grants have funded the Healthy Kids, Healthy Schools initiative to reduce childhood obesity in Franklin County, targeting middle school students. Additionally, in 2013, a team of 20 volunteers made outreach calls for the Early Childcare Nutrition Program. According to CHA, “Because of the experience and phone training they have, we were able to make hundreds of phone calls throughout the day. We got dozens of leads and have many new customers because of this outreach by Safelite.”

Safelite has been a partner to LifeCare Alliance since 2010 when senior vice president Dino Lanno joined the board. As a result, Safelite launched a corporate delivery route for Meals-on-Wheels. Roughly 40-50 associates volunteer to rotate the weekday route using a Safelite AutoGlass vehicle provided by the company. Safelite’s efforts to deliver Meals-on-Wheels saves LifeCare Alliance $12,000 per year, which is equivalent of the salary of a paid driver. Between 2012-2013, Safelite donated $50,000 to support the program as well.

In 2013, Safelite awarded Impact Grants to Lutheran Social Services for installation costs of refrigeration equipment for the new Delaware County Food Pantry, promoting fresh produce donations, and to St. Stephen’s Community Center to help implement the “Two Goals-One Strategy” project that will address the food insecurity epidemic in the Linden community by using innovative technology through “Aquaponics.”

We’re grateful to partner with so many wonderful charitable organizations in these endeavors. Check back next week to learn more about how we are supporting the children of central Ohio.

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