October 01 2013

Safelite’s Employee Engagement Efforts Continue to Link to Customer Experience

Natalie Crede, Senior Vice President of People & Leadership Development


As we’ve shared earlier, Safelite’s Annual People Opinion Survey was designed in 2009 to measure our company culture and employee engagement as we believe these are key factors in the customer experience.

For our 2012 People Opinion results, we are pleased to report that we’ve reached the “Best in Class” category, meaning we are in the Top 25th percentile among surveying companies across the country. The two primary categories we consider are People (Engagement Scores) and Performance (Performance Excellence Scores).

Throughout the company, we saw engagement scores reach a very impressive 98%, while many of our lower scoring areas showed double-digit improvements! And, through our market analysis, we’ve seen a direct correlation between higher engagement scores and higher return on sales.

These results show that our leadership is strengthening across the business, and we are well on our way to becoming truly People Powered. Our associates are saying that we’re improving our culture and we’re starting to see proof of that in our overall business performance.

Now, as we move forward, it’s about consistency. Raising the level of engagement in areas that need it and sustaining high engagement in areas that truly have it.

Remember, the engagement score is only a snapshot; true engagement is revealed when talented people are going above and beyond to deliver extraordinary results (e.g., providing service so great, it’s memorable!) – not because they have to, but because they want to.

Our most successful leaders say that engagement is not a one-time event. It’s about regularly practicing the principles of People First Leadership and consistently exercising a set of leadership styles to create a healthy, high performing climate. It’s also about sharing the feedback within teams and involving them in identifying specific actions to build improvement.

To learn more about building employee engagement as a strategy for delighting customers, be sure to read Temkin’s recent report, “The Five I’s of Employee Engagement.”

Happy, talented people create happy, loyal customers who deliver profitable growth.

Many thanks to all of you who are making it happen!

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