June 18 2013

Salt Lake City Market Ranks No. 6 in 2012 NPS

Steve Miggo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Operations

Brent Beck, general manager, and Stanley Gaillard, technician manager, are proud that their Salt Lake City market ranked No. 6 out of all of Safelite’s 90 markets in the annual 2012 Net Promoter Scores.

In fact, the market has had strong NPS for several years, always outscoring the national average by two percentage points.

Salt Lake City NPS

Brent points to several best practices for achieving a high level of customer delight.

“First, we’re given the tools to succeed,” he said. “From the EZI-Wire cutting tool to the TrueSeal lifting tool and even Safelite’s exclusive repair solution, these tools help the technician do the job right every time.”

Second, Brent says he and Stan meet with technicians weekly to review customer comments. They share any criticism but never tie it to one specific technician, and they use the feedback to improve.

“I find that technicians take it to heart more when it’s something a customer has told them versus their manager,” Brent explained. “I might tell them 10 times why we call-ahead to inform the customer of a narrower time of arrival, but when they read a customer comment praising them for it, it sticks.”

The other positive outcome of these weekly meetings is that technicians learn from each other. They talk about how they’ve handled negative situations in the past.

Lastly, the Salt Lake City technicians seek out feedback from their customers. They ask them to complete the NPS survey. The higher the response rate of the survey, the more feedback a technician has to turn him into the best tech he can be.

Because of their commitment to customers, we expect to see Salt Lake City in the Top 10 year after year!

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