March 17 2017

Showing Customers a Personal Touch

Steve Miggo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Operations

Safelite Spirit

At Safelite, we like to delight our customers through memorable experiences. Our Pittsburgh market recently did just that by helping an elderly couple celebrate their birthdays.

Mr. and Mrs. White arrived to the Safelite shop the day before their appointment – wanting to test how long it would take to get there and the best way to navigate the route.

They teased the Safelite team that they should have donuts ready when they return as they both had birthdays they were celebrating that week.

What seemed like a small joke, our local leaders Robin T. and Carl S., took seriously… not only did they get donuts but a candle too! And the team sang them Happy Birthday before presenting a card!

The couple were pleasantly surprised saying it made their day!

Now that’s what we call Surprise and Delight! Thanks to Robin and Carl for showing your Safelite Spirit and caring hearts!

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