November 22 2016

Showing Our Safelite Spirit When It Matters Most

Renee Cacchillo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Customer, Brand & Technology

Safelite tech

Some customer letters touch us deeply. Robin D., of Cordova, Tenn., recently wrote to share her story:

“The repair specialist, Heather G., who came to fix my windshield was wonderful. I apologized when I went to the door because I was still in my pajamas. I explained I had been up all night with mother who was in hospice and dying with cancer. She hugged me and asked which vehicle was mine since my driveway was full with my family’s cars. I have her my keys and when back inside. When she finished, she returned the keys to my daughter and left.

“A few minutes later she returned to my house with a vegetable try and a fruit tray. Heather and I had never met before… the fact she did this for my family just had everyone one of us in awe.

“You have a sweet and caring employee and I’ll never forget her kind gesture. She’s proof there are still nice people in this world.”

Heather’s compassion that day made a big difference to this family, and for that we are blessed.

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