December 19 2012

The Transformation of Safelite’s Anchorage Market

Steve Miggo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Operations

Anchorage Team

Since the time Safelite AutoGlass began using the Net Promoter Score to measure customer satisfaction, scores have been broken down by market level so that we could look for “pockets of excellence” and create best practices.

During that first year, our Anchorage market placed dead last. Now keep in mind, they scored 77.5% - which is still very high given that the average companies have a 5-10% NPS, according to Fred Reichheld in The Ultimate Question.

Just two years later, Anchorage broke into the top 10 scoring markets and in 2012 ranked Nov. 2.

Anchorage NPS Results
• 2008: 77.5%
• 2009: 80.0%
• 2010: 86.9% (entered top 10)
• 2011: 88.9%
• 2012: 94.5% (No. 2)

How did they do it? By listening to the voice of the customer and by focusing on the positive.

Zeke Dexter joined the Anchorage market as the general manager at the end of 2009 after serving as a warehouse lead in one of Safelite’s top NPS markets, Boise. He realized that the associates in Anchorage didn’t know what NPS meant. His first step as their leader was to find an NPS “cheerleader,” and that person was the technician manager, Richard Jarrett.

The employees in Anchorage respected Richard. Once he saw the value of NPS it was easy to get others to focus on it as well.

Since that time, the technicians in Anchorage have been motivated by customer feedback. Each NPS survey includes a section for verbatim feedback. According to Dexter, it’s practically become a competition to see who can get the most positive verbatim feedback from customers… it’s not good enough for them just to see the customer check the box, they are excited to read their comments.

The more technicians listened to the feedback from customers, they were able to see common practices for creating customer delight and were able to repeat those behaviors and actions.

As a result of their attention to customer service, their business has performed better as well – moving from sales of $1.4 million to $2.3 million in 2011.

Congratulations to Zeke and his Anchorage team for making a positive stride forward in customer delight!

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