February 19 2013

The Transformation of Safelite’s Honolulu Market

Steve Miggo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Operations

Safelite AutoGlass boasts an impressive 2012 Net Promoter Score of 87% to-date – that’s a national average – some markets are higher and some markets are lower. The goal for us is for customers to have a superior customer experience in each and every city and town across the country…. from Honolulu to Pittsburgh, as we like to say.

The last several years, we’ve worked with the markets that were below the national average to hone their customer service skills. That’s not to say that the scores were low by any means, but that we saw an opportunity to bring them up to the same level as our best-performing markets.

One example is Honolulu. In the past year, Safelite’s Honolulu market has seen one of the biggest improvements in NPS.

Honolulu NPS

The key to this transformation has been the right leader who communicates the meaning of NPS and customer delight so that their associates don’t think it’s a bunch of “baloney.”

Mike Dickinson is that guy for us. Mike was moved to Honolulu in 2011 as the market manager after showing promise during his first year with the company in Portland. He has a strong understanding of the business having 20 years of experience in the industry, the majority of those years as a vehicle glass technician.

Mike set a goal to work for Safelite after reading about the company in an industry magazine. “In the old days, there was no future for technicians. Once the physical demands of the job became too much, techs simply left. But at Safelite, there is a career path into management – and that attracted me to it,” Mike said.

Upon joining Safelite, he was genuinely impressed by the company’s commitment to customer delight and People First. “I had never seen anything like that in our industry,” he explained.

So when he relocated to Honolulu, he easily understood how the difficulty some associates had in buying into the concepts. “Quite honestly, they thought NPS was something the corporate office made up. But once I was able to teach them more about it, the more they got it. And, when they realized that large, well-respected companies all over the world also used NPS as a scorecard, it was easy to get them on board.”

Once they were aligned with corporate’s vision, Mike helped his associates understand how they could directly impact NPS so he made sure they all understood what questions were on the customer satisfaction survey and how they were being graded.

Next, they together looked for ways to raise those scores… by communicating to the customer from start to finish, including:
• Call-aheads to provide an estimated time of arrival
• Confirmation of part selection
• Setting work expectations
• Explaining drive-away times
• Asking for feedback

Now that NPS is up in Honolulu, we expect to see employee engagement scores improve as well and we look forward to the continued positive impact Mike and his team make on our national NPS average.

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I worked with Mike in Portland Oregon, Glad too see that he got his piece of the pie!

Jeff Rohrbough, June 18, 2016

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