March 19 2012

Tips: Responding to Irate Customers Online

Tips: Responding to Irate Customers Online
Melina Metzger, Public Relations Manager

Guest Post By Jennifer Kielmeyer, Safelite AutoGlass, Web and Emerging Technologies Strategic Marketing Manager

It’s important to understand that online customer complaints can occur with any company, despite a focus on customer delight and customer service.

When these things happen, be glad they’ve come to you or made you aware of it in some form. This allows you the opportunity to try to rectify the situation and turn their experience around.

Put yourself in the customer’s position. Would this situation upset you if you were in it? More than likely. Understand that, be empathetic and be personable in your responses. People don’t want to hear a canned response.

Don’t avoid or delete. How would you respond if a company deleted a comment or ignored you? You’d get even more vocal and frustrated. That is a lose/lose situation for everyone.

Evaluate whether this issue is a common operational issue that other customers face. If so, that’s an opportunity to enhance your business practices and make them more customer-centric. The key is to treat everyone as an individual, but also determine if there are consistencies in multiple customers’ feedback.

Take this as an opportunity to showcase your commitment to customer service. If you can turn this situation around for them, and are able to do so in a public manner, like on a Facebook page or a blog post, then future customers will also see that commitment. A well-handled situation can result increased loyalty and customer satisfaction over time.

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Hi Melina, I completely agree with your point that customer inputs actually benefit the product. We have been using a customer support tool
for quite some time now, to address our incoming customer support requests. We categorize issues that are frequently faced by our customers into a relevant category, and work on this on a priority basis. Some customer requests have also been incorporated as new features into the product.

Cassy, May 10, 2012

Customer support both externally and INTERNALLY work hand in hand.  Both are requests for service and both need to have deadline. Help desk software to track all of this is a must.  If you can’t report on it, you can TRULY say you’re providing valuable customer support. smile

Tammy, September 25, 2013

when it comes to windshields, just get a rebptaule place with a warranty ..  the honda dealer is NOT going to be installing the window anyway they will have a glass place do it ..  I promise you that dealers do not have a tech nor the inventory to do glass . everything is sent out or a mobile service comes to the dealer.

Agustin, October 24, 2013

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