December 19 2011

Training Field Staff to Engage Customers

Scott Gardner, Regional Quality & Training Manager

Front-line employees make or break customer delight. What if, as a particular industry, your front-line employees may not have the natural personality characteristics particularly suited to engaging customers? Finding a way to break through these natural behaviors to develop better customer relationships are key.

There are a plentitude of personality tests or indicators to uncover a person’s strengths and weaknesses, including Myers Briggs Type Indicator and DISC Behavioral Styles. These help us learn if an individual is extroverted or introverted, a thinker or a feeler, analytical or creative.

If you had to guess, do you know what personality type your average employee is? Consider a salesman compared to a technician… the technician is likely to be more detail-oriented and a thinker… perhaps not the biggest “people” person.


With this in mind, how you train your field staff to engage customers is dependent upon their natural tendencies.

To learn more about Safelite’s strategies for training technicians and repair specialists to deliver customer delight, please read my white paper “Training Field Staff to Engage Customers.”

Then tell me, what are some of your strategies for getting your front-line employees prepared for customers? What new ideas or old tricks would you like to see happen more frequently?

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