February 22 2017

Video: Award-Winning Customer Service after Colorado Hailstorm

Steve Miggo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Operations

Colorado Springs had never experienced a hailstorm like the one that hit July 28, 2016. But that didn’t stop district leader Dan Spriet and his team of 60 associates – which doubled overnight – to handle it like seasoned experts.

By working together and considering lessons from past catastrophe response teams, the market was able to capitalize on the new business pouring in, earning Belron Every Heroes recognition.

“Dan’s leadership along with his strong management team were able to get organized and react so quickly that our business in the market literally grew by 200% overnight,” said Northwest Regional Vice President Brad Edwards. “Dan and the team organized the arrival of 30 additional techs, warehouse workers and administrative support to help meet the demand. They also made several adjustments to the supply chain, scheduling and labor management on the fly to keep tech capacity open to better serve the needs of the local residents during this time of need.”

Customers noticed the extra effort, too. Their comments included:

“Even though there were over 5,000 cars damaged by hail, they still managed to get a technician to me quickly; being in a wheelchair, this makes a huge difference.”

“With the size and scope of damage in Colorado Springs, I know a LOT of vehicles needed windshields. I’m so very grateful Safelite AutoGlass brought in additional technicians AND offered weekend appointments.”

People Business Partner Jackie Harms was equally impressed by such above and beyond effort. “What made this so special was not a story about chaos and how we overcame it, but rather how we prevented chaos in the first place,” she said. “I came expecting it would be a mess and it wasn’t. We all worked together. We didn’t wait to be told – we just did what needed to be done. Using the new People Catastrophe Manual’s guidance, Dan arranged a mobile masseuse to go around to the stores providing muscle relief for tired technicians. Who thinks of that? Someone with a total caring heart!”

Dan emphasized that he does not wish to take all the credit for how things came together – he attributes success in handling this situation to the team overall. “The reason for this nomination is all about the Safelite Spirit,” he said. “We accomplished so much that would not have happened if we didn’t have a Service Mindset, Can-do Attitude and Caring Heart. And it wasn’t just me – an event this size brought associates from across the country with that same spirit to help a community in need.”

Believing that this mindset starts at the top, Dan has great admiration for Tom Feeney’s passion for people and the business, and his overall vision. “He has established a culture and identified it through our strategic framework that aligns a winning formula for the long term,” Dan said. “I have always managed under the premise of taking care of my people and they in turn will deliver the results and be successful doing so. I work for a company that walks that talk.”

Dan himself walks that talk, too. “I start each work day by being energetic, upbeat and always have a positive attitude – that attitude is the driving force to ensure the day ends as well as it started,” he said. “At Safelite we have labeled it as our purpose – ‘I aspire to make a difference and bring unexpected happiness to people’s everyday lives.’ That goes for both internal and external interactions with people. I believe I have always projected this and when you do, it become infectious.”

A great believer in learning from experience, Dan found a mentor in Drew Carter, now retired Pico Rivera, CA general manager. “Way back in the late 80s, he saw potential in me, believed in me – at the ripe old age of 19 – and taught me so much about how to be a successful leader many, many moons ago,” he said. Eager to pay it forward, he tries to do the same now. “I try to be a mentor to all I can be. There are many associates I have tried to coach and develop in any way I can.”

The success that comes from this motivates Dan to build solid relationships with his team. “It’s gratifying to see growth by others I have helped develop to change in positive ways,” he said. “One of my most important contributions to the workplace is my ability to engage and inspire people to be their best.”

That’s one of the reasons that the nomination as a team submission means so much. “This fills me with such pride!” Dan said. “Success is defined by the team and if we receive the award it would absolutely make me euphoric. It would be the pinnacle of my career to know this level of recognition was awarded to a team I have led.”

As a result, the team has won an International Customer Experience Award!

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It was so great to meet you in Columbus. Love your video. Keep up the good work.

Tony Hansen, February 23, 2017

Congratulations Dan and Team—well done!

Betsy Blake, March 14, 2017

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