March 31 2015

Video: Award-Winning Customer Service from Harrisburg Hail Storm Response Team

Steve Miggo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Operations

After a hailstorm just before Memorial Day, Safelite’s District Manager for the Harrisburg, Pa., market Kirk Reed implemented Safelite’s Catastrophe Response plan, pulling in 16 technicians both nearby and from as far away as California, to help serve customers over the holiday weekend. His team set up a four-vehicle portable garage adjacent to Safelite locations and a 16-bay CAT tent in a local mall parking lot to deliver a great experience to our customers in this challenging situation.

To recognize his team’s efforts, our parent company Belron awarded them an International Exceptional Customer Service Award.

“It's always difficult to ask technicians to work over a holiday weekend; you don't want to take people away from their families,” Kirk explained. “So we didn't make people work. We asked for volunteers, and we had 25 volunteers willing to help. And our customers enjoyed us being there. They showed their appreciation by saying thank you or giving us donuts in the morning or pizza for lunch. They were just so appreciative that we were able to take care of them, and they didn't have to forgo their holiday. They thought they were going to have to stay home, but we were able to take care of our customers, and they were able to go on vacation travel to Grandma’s house or whatever it may be to be with their families.”

Many thanks to the Harrisburg team and all of our volunteers who stepped up to help customers during a busy holiday weekend. The award is will deserved!

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