March 10 2015

Video: Award-Winning Customer Service from Safelite Solutions’ Contact Centers

Renee Cacchillo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Customer, Brand & Technology

Contact Centers often get a bad “rep” – endless IVR systems, hard-to-understand CSRs, long hold times. Not so at our sister company Safelite Solutions, a claims management partner to many leading insurance companies. With a sophisticated workforce management program and predictive analytics, Safelite is able to staff up and down quickly based on customer call volume.

And during the Polar Vortex last year, that volume spiked over 300 percent! And, it didn’t end when the weather got better… customers had long-lasting needs for months after the severe cold and ice. Despite this increase, the number of abandoned calls dropped – showcasing the team’s ability to outperform expectations and demonstrate to our insurance partners that Safelite is always there for them.

Because of their skill and attention to customer care during that busy time, Safelite Solutions’ National Contact Center Leadership team earned an International Exceptional Customer Service Award from our parent company Belron.

Led by Shannon Slade, Assistant Vice President of National Contact Centers, this team managed to keep phones answered and employee morale high.

“When the polar vortex hit, we really had to pull together as a team. Everyone had to get involved. Everyone had to do their part… not just in my call center but in all of our call centers,” said Contact Center Operations Director Lauren Meyer. “It was important that everyone provided the highest level of service that they could and made sure that we were there for our customers. The biggest challenge was to keep everyone positive and to make sure everyone knew that we could handle it because the management team was working behind the scenes to make sure that we were there to support them.”

Job well done, Shannon and team! Thank you for your dedication to customer service!

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