March 29 2016

Video: Award-Winning Customer Service from Safelite Technician Sergey Shchipskiy

Steve Miggo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Operations

“I love my mom and in my job, I get to treat every car like it’s my mom’s car.” – Sergey Shchipskiy, Technician, Seattle, WA

Job title: Technician

Years of service: 7 years

Location: Seattle, WA

Jason Still, Sergey's local manager, said, “Sergey is the technician you want to clone and then build an operation around him. He is always early, always positive, always flexible with where we need him in order to handle customer location changes. He’s the guy our sales team requests to do all the insurance events because he is genuinely engaged and fun to be around. He is very knowledgeable in his trade but can explain it to the layman with tact. He’s an all-around great teammate and we are very proud to work with Sergey.”

His Net Promoter Score is 99.3%.

Some of the many great things customers say about Sergey include:

“Sergey was very thorough and worked rapidly. His competence was obvious. My background as a professional engineer for 50 years, now retired, would qualify my opinion as accurate.”

“I was pleased with every step but Sergey went above and beyond! He was very professional and I am very impressed with his work!”

“Sergey was easily the most professional, detailed, enjoyable technician I've ever had the pleasure of working with.”

Top Tip
“Never leave the job unless the customer is happy.”

Because of his excellence in quality and customer service, Sergey won an International Exceptional Customer Service Award.

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