April 20 2017

Video: Award-Winning Customer Service from San Antonio Team

Steve Miggo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Operations

On April 12, 2016, a significant hail storm hit San Antonio causing widespread damage. This extraordinary event required strong leadership from the local Safelite AutoGlass team, earning them an International Exceptional Customer Service award.

The catastrophe (CAT) team was led by local district leader Chris Bailey, who is known for his focus, energy and a personal desire to succeed – and to do so against high standards. During this trying time, he did not disappoint.

When the storm hit, Chris was leading a motorcycle group to the Safelite Challenge, a charitable fundraiser, 600 miles away. “I took the next exit and stopped at a gas station to address the group,” Chris said. “I updated everyone on the storm’s status, saying I was turning around. The entire group indicated they were turning around too and were willing to do whatever was needed to help. The teams’ response was fantastic. Through collaborative teamwork and a lot of sacrifice, we were able to help approximately 15,000 customers get their glass fixed and back on the road to recovery.”

RVP Sonny Gassiot felt a quote from Chris’s speech to his team said it best: “This isn’t about making money … but about making people’s lives whole again.”

This is something Chris is expertly suited for. “Fulfillment and satisfaction come from helping people in need,” he said. “Waking up each day knowing you can help improve the lives of the people around you is what drives me.”

A big believer that helping others has to come first, Chris always knew he wanted a job that enabled him to do so. “Here at Safelite AutoGlass I am able to gain fulfillment from knowing we help internal and external customers every day,” he said.

Chris also takes the Safelite Spirit to heart in his daily interactions with others. “I feel the can-do attitude is the most prominent of the three Safelite Spirit characteristics within me,” he said. “Every problem has a solution and I often find myself saying ‘Yes is the answer’ or, ‘Don’t tell me why you can’t, tell me how you can.’ I approach all business challenges with this mindset and do my best to pass this along to all the associates I come in contact with.”

Chris finds it gratifying to be acknowledged for his extra effort, but points out that this is a team effort. “It feels great to be acknowledged as a recipient of such a prestigious award within our organization,” he said. “However, it is difficult to take any credit for a result that was truly driven by all the people who personally sacrificed to help make it happen.”

Chris is equally proud of how his team members go above and beyond to make a difference in their communities. “During the hail storm there was an incident where two of our technicians, Alex and Eric, were able to help save the life of a three-month-old,” he said. “They pulled over and ran to help the mother whose baby was choking in her lap. Both of them were previously certified in the Heimlich maneuver and CPR, so they quickly assessed the situation and began to take action. Before emergency personnel had even arrived they had succeeded in helping the baby breathe on her own again. This is a great example of the Safelite Spirit in action.”

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