March 23 2017

Video: Award-Winning Leadership from Ed Sprigler

Tom Feeney, Safelite® President and CEO

Safelite AutoGlass VP Strategic Initiatives Ed Sprigler is a problem solver – and no challenge is too big or too complex for him to eagerly roll up his sleeves and tackle it. It’s that kind of can-do attitude that helps make Ed an Exceptional Customer Service Award Winner.

“When I hear ‘we tried it before and it didn’t work’ or ‘it can’t be done,’ I view it as the perfect opportunity to show we CAN do it,” he said. “Regardless of the challenges the day before, I view them as opportunities to solve problems, no matter how complicated. I often have to look at things differently, but I say ‘bring it on, we’re ready to go!”

Also known for his dedication to achieving high customer service standards, Ed was asked to lead the way to a solution on an innovative project – improving the service provided to customers with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in their vehicles. Dependent on cameras often mounted to windshields, ADAS have features that automate car safety by alerting the driver to potential problems and helping them to avoid collisions.

Recognizing cars are different – as are the cameras and calibration equipment – Ed led the extensive search for a partner to assist, and he negotiated and secured the partnership with Bosch. Ed worked hand in hand with them to come up with the best hardware solution and to provide the necessary data so they could write the recalibration software. This was no easy feat! Hundreds of different makes and models had to be gathered in order to test and evaluate the different systems.

Such a daunting task did not stop Ed. Ever resourceful, he coordinated several days at auto auction sites, where dozens of different cars could be tested daily. As a result, Safelite AutoGlass now has an ADAS solution that will cover the majority of vehicles by the end of 2016.

“Ed completely jumped into this project and became one of the leading experts in the country on ADAS,” said marketing manager Jack Russell. “He also played a key role in educating not only our own associates, but clients, insurance agents and consumers as well. He has led us to become a leader in the recalibration space, providing a one-stop windshield replacement and ADAS recalibration solution to enhance the customer experience. He makes an impact on every initiative he’s involved in – Ed has the unique ability to manage a wide scope of projects and move from one special assignment like this to the next effortlessly.”

Always mindful of how important our willingness to do better truly is, Ed always challenges those he works with to have the courage to continually reinvent ourselves. “We’re a service company, and that is our purpose,” he said. “Our opportunities are boundless, and my goal is to be a part of the group to lead Safelite into being the greatest brand. It’s not only an aspirational goal – I want to lead our efforts to achieve this.”

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Ed’s endless positivity and can-do attitude are an inspiration to those of us who have the honor to work with him.  Bravo, Mr. Sprigler.  Well-deserved!

Karen H., April 18, 2017

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