September 22 2015

Wall of Fame Profile: David Brown, Richmond, Va.

Steve Miggo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Operations

Last week, we announced our Wall of Fame series. I’m excited for this series that is intended to showcase our employees who help us achieve our People Powered, Customer Driven approach to business.

Today’s profile is:

David Brown, Operations Manager
Richmond, VA

David started working at Safelite AutoGlass more than eight years ago and this is the second time he has earned a Wall of Fame award.

He began as a Warehouse Manager and through several promotions, he is now the Operations Manager in our Richmond, Va. He was brought into this location for a specific purpose: to help transform a struggling market.

Demonstrating a People First approach, he developed his team for new roles and got the right people in the right place to achieve success. He led the Richmond market through a top to bottom organizational change, and the market finished 2014 in record form. He led his team to top many KPI measures in the region and throughout the company; the market achieved double-digit growth in sales and has experienced a complete turnaround in Net Promoter Score (NPS).

David explained how he led a to a 7-point NPS increase in the last quarter of 2014: “I identified technicians with low NPS results and coached them on effective ways to communicate with customers through role playing. I also have weekly phone calls with the lowest five performing techs to discuss ways of improving their scores.”

And, with a 92% engagement rate, Richmond’s morale has never been better. “I improved employee morale by recognizing exceptional performance,” David shared.

When asked about his approach to being Customer Driven, David said, “I like helping customers because of the accomplished feeling I get when they are completely satisfied with the service they have received. My goal is to have repeat customers and grow the business by satisfying the customer so that they willingly tell their family and friends about the great service they received and recommend our services to them. There are a lot of competitors out there and I want customers to think about us first for any of their glass needs.”

Well said, David. We agree.

David has not only been an example to his team and peers, but his attitude and “can-do” spirit have impacted our entire organization.

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Congratulations, Mr. Brown! I’m glad to be a part of your team.

Chris Penny, September 25, 2015

Mr. Brown is one of the greatest manager I know. He push us to do our best in everything we do.

kadesha Renee Brown, September 25, 2015

This is awesome Mr. Brown, well deserved.  Very proud of you and delighted to be a part of your team!!



My Info, September 27, 2015

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