December 09 2015

Wall of Fame Profile: Jared Huber

Steve Miggo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Operations

Safelite’s Wall of Fame series is intended to applaud our employees who help us achieve our People Powered, Customer Driven business strategy. We’re so thankful they are a part of our company!

Today’s profile is:

Jared Huber, Technician
Seattle, Wash.

Wall of Fame

Jared takes customer service and quality to the next level. In his store he goes above and beyond to delight his customers by greeting every customer with a smile and returning each customer’s vehicle back better than when it came in. In fact, his customer service approach has been used as a template in other stores in the market.

“I work really hard to treat every customer the same, and make sure every customer gets the best quality work done possible,” Jared said. “Over the seven plus years I have been with Safelite, I’ve learned a lot about building a team out of the store. I do my best to motivate other employees and share everything I’ve learned over the years to be successful as a technician.”

Jared high number of customer survey responses with a return rate of 36.4%, and his average NPS is 93%!

While the numbers speak for themselves, it’s the more than 500 positive customer comments he earned last year received that prove he has passion for creating customer delight. His expertise is well-known and unmatched. He’s the first person people call for advice on complicated jobs. Whether the task at hand is large or small, he consistently drives for extraordinary results.

“I like knowing that people appreciate what I have done for them,” said Jared. “Most of what we do isn’t something that people want to be paying for, getting a broken windshield or getting their car broken into. I like turning a bad experience into something that they appreciate. You never know how much you can turn a person’s day around by making sure they have a good experience, and letting them know that we care about them as a customer.”

Thank you, Jared, for being an exemplary role model for Safelite technicians!

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