February 12 2016

Wall of Fame Profile: John Kemp

Melina Metzger, Public Relations Manager

Safelite’s Wall of Fame series is intended to applaud our employees who help us achieve our People Powered, Customer Driven business strategy. We’re so thankful they are a part of our company!

Today’s profile is:

John Kemp, Logistics Manager
Columbus, Ohio

Wall of Fame

At Safelite AutoGlass, one of our best differentiators is our national size and scope that helps improve the likelihood of having the right part to the right customer at the right time. With thousands of glass part varieties, that involves a sophisticated supply chain that relies on shipping materials from our two main distribution centers to our 90+ warehouses across the country.

John Kemp, Logistics Manager, was recognized with a Wall of Fame Award for analyzing and improving our supply chain shipping program. He was able to par down the number of carriers from seven to four – one for our west coast distribution center, one for our east coast distribution center, and two more for the overflow.

Additionally, our east coast carrier Ruan provides a technology platform that allows us to electronically tender our freight. The information flows out to the carrier initially, then we receive information back from them that feeds into invoicing and KPI databases making those tasks much more efficient. The information received also makes for easy data-mining over a specific period of time for several different metrics measured. Simply put – the online portal allows us to more efficiently manage our carrier partners and replenishment deliveries.

Before, measuring KPIs such as on-time deliveries was a very manual process for our warehouses. Today, we can say with confidence we are nearing our goal of 98-99% on-time deliveries. John's actions will save the company $750,000 per year on freight expenses while bringing improved service, fixed pricing, route and load optimization, and dedicated truckload capacity.

John’s efforts pay off in ways other than improved customer service: employee engagement and brand building. Ruan’s employees work side-by-side our warehouse employees. The consistency improves their working relationships and effectiveness. Meanwhile, our carrier partners have branded their fleet as Safelite AutoGlass. The dedicated fleet of 36 trucks and 70 trailers function as mobile billboards, creating opportunities for customers to come into contact with the Safelite brand.

“Working in Supply Chain, our direct customers tend to mainly be internal customers,” John explains. “As part of this team,, we have the opportunity to develop and foster relationships with all of our internal customers across the county, at the end of the day it’s fun and rewarding to see what we were able to do to help them be successful.”

Thank you, John! You show that delivering on our People Powered, Customer Driven culture reaps rewards on all ends!

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